Embed Builder

Configuration for embeds

Tip: The default prefix for kbots is: HyunSuk's:. Jeongwoo's:+ Eric:%%

How to create a embed at ease? Create-embed [title] + [description] + [color]

Creating a Embed with a Image: C-image [your image link] + [color] Feel free to copy that embed example but replace the words with your own and do not remove the + or it will say “wrong usage" Example usage for embed :

Create-embed Partner requirements +
* no nsfw/raids/trolls
* 0 member req
* Follow ToS n guidelines + 87ceef

Example usage for embed image:

C-image [your image link] + [color]

Notes: You can’t edit the embed you made, If you made an mistake you can redo the steps again by running : Create-embed [title] + [description] + [color] for any questions on how to use the embed builder please Join Support server for help