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Change log (Version 1.1.5) - [ 05.06.21 | EST ]

- Gonna be doing a series of updates over the next week or two. I'm currently going over each command to optimize code and improve functionality and I'll update here if there's any command execution changes. - This is just a heads up that inviteinfo module will be changed in terms of implementation to allow servers to have a history of their invite codes (this includes expired invites). Currency Updates - We've have changed the bots currency system ( still in beta ) - We've have also come up with an idea where we can make our own currency cmds using a autoresponder with "variables" ( oh right talk about variables I might add a help panel for that ) Embed Updates - Currently the embed creation commands are yet to still be in ( beta ), I am working hard to update this please yes I am lazy sometimes :< Moderation Updates - We just implemented a few bug fixing, though some mod cmds are still experiencing bugs ill fix that soon. here's a list of the mod cmds i need to fix: - mute, unmute ( I think cries ) Web dashboard for the bots???? - oh yeah this will be soon since i don't know much about making the bot dashboard yet lmao Partnerships Update - I am planning to implement a partnership counting system into the bot ( this is gonna take some time ) The update currently being applied gradually per-shard. So, be patient if the update hasn't reached your server yet. Guides: Other then that I think thats all for the updates of the kbots. On a final note, If you have any questions or are just curious, feel free to join the support server and ask !!