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Join K Bot Support for regular updates & giveaways! Note: These bots are all cloned ( meaning all the same ) but with different prefixes. Prefixes: HyunSuk: . Jeongwoo: + Eric sohn: %% Our Bots Invite links: HyunSuk Jeongwoo Eric Sohn
Introduction K Bot is an advanced Multi Management and Utility system bot, allowing users to effortlessly create embeds, play with fun commands, ticket system, and moderation. Users can create advanced embeds and set logs with moderation, & more. Additionally, users can assign roles to be given out when setting up the partnership/affiliates system. Our Bot Developer is: ! kim jaehyun.#8775 いちかちゃん#3599
kbot's is free to use, and there are no limits to its functionality. kbot Premium is purely cosmetic changes, and not buying premium will not result in a worse bot.
Getting Started The first step is to make sure kbot is actually in your guild! You can invite Both of these bots to guilds you have Manage Server permissions.
By default, kbot will ask for Administrator permissions, and it is highly recommended that you grant them. You may also customize the bot's permissions by editing the bot's role. See FAQ for more details on customizing permissions.
Important: Giving K Bot Administrator permissions ensures functionality.


Once you have added These bots it will keep track of commands execute and the Bot Owners can see everything you do with the Integration. In order to take advantage of all of kbot's features, please configure it in the bot settings.
Our Bots Invite links: HyunSuk Jeongwoo Eric Sohn
Tip: The Bot has 113 commands in total.

Documentation Syntax

[.] | [+] | [%%] - prefix [ ] - required parameter < > - optional parameter <thing1 | thing2> - select one of the given options
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